Customer Centricity Simulation

Customer Centricity Simulation


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The Customer Centricity simulation is a highly interactive experience that teaches participants how to make data-driven decisions to maximize customer lifetime value
In a single day, this simulation delivers a game-changing experience for organizations, serving as a catalyst for customer-centric strategies to begin.

In Wharton’s Customer Centricity simulation, participants play the role of a CMO tasked with making real-world tactical and strategic decisions about customer acquisition, retention, and development. Their key objective is to increase corporate market valuation by maximizing customer value.
Each period, thousands of actual customers with scores of variable attributes are generated by the underlying simulation model, providing students with a unique learning opportunity to run detailed analyses on customer-level data. In addition, students can invest in further developing the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to provide progressively greater insight into the behaviors and potential lifetime value of their customers. Students are encouraged to leverage these insights to aid other strategic decisions, such as the development of loyalty programs, premium services, and strategic account manager positions. Using Customer Centricity’s highly interactive CRM Dashboard players make investment choices throughout the simulation, motivated by evolving scenarios and game elements.

Company: Wharton Interactive

Approximate price: $45

Playtime: 8 hours

Learning objectives: 1. Gives students critical insight about identifying the most valuable customers and maximizing their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) 2. Demonstrates how and why individual customers, market sectors, and customer segments differ from each other over time

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