The Hearts Negotiations Game

The Hearts Negotiations Game


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Hearts is an engaging simulation that involves students in a high-stakes art sale
This two-party, distributive exercise focuses on how the exchange of information and the exchange of prices influence outcomes. The web interface pairs students, and on their own devices (laptops/tablets/phones) students read private background information, answer short survey questions, and negotiate. In the negotiation, participants exchange messages and offers via a chat interface.

The exercise introduces foundational concepts in negotiation, such as a bargaining zone, the importance of initial offers, and characteristics of the negotiation dance. The exercise also highlights the importance of seeking information, perspective taking, and the unstable nature of negotiator satisfaction.

Company: Wharton Interactive

Approximate price: Unknown

Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Learning objectives: Introduces students to many key concepts in negotiation: The zone of agreement, The critical role of information exchange, How to ask & answer questions, BATNA, Negotiation dance Gives students insight into the psychological principles of the negotiation process, allowing students to think systematically about negotiation: Negotiator aspirations, Negotiator satisfaction, Perspective-taking, Information exchange and deception

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