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BlueSky Ventures Game


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How do you know if an idea or business is going to succeed? In BlueSky Ventures, you will have the chance to find out. In this ARC serious game, you will assist a group of investors in deciding which startup to back while learning vital skills and techniques drawn from the latest research on strategy and entrepreneurship.

During the game, you will have a chance to analyze business models, interview executive founders, and build financial projections for a variety of realistic businesses. The game is self-contained and will teach you all the skills you need to know. You'll hear from Wharton faculty, and receive personalized feedback and suggestions for further growth. Engaging characters bring the simulation to life, giving you a chance to learn in a whole new way.

Company: Wharton Interactive

Approximate price: Free

Playtime: 1 hour 30 min

Learning objectives: Understanding the building blocks for business success, including strategic frameworks for evaluating concepts Working with multiple types of data to assess businesses holistically Conducting strategic experiments to reduce risk Assess business potential through interviewing founders Hands-on experience with financial models and projections, along with sensitivity analysis Improvise answers to investor questions based on what you learned Using mental simulation and mental time travel to get new strategic perspectives Avoiding incorrect pattern matching and other destructive mental shortcuts

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