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DIGITAL MediaPRO is an immersive simulation that illustrates media challenges in the digital age.

In just a few hours, DIGITAL MediaPRO exposes course participants to the use of digital media, communicating with ‘digital natives’, and transforming media planning and execution. To succeed they will need to focus on understanding consumers and their decision-making process, deal with the complexity of a rapidly growing market, and manage communications effectively in a competitive environment.

Students in academic courses and executives in development programs will love this unique and cutting-edge simulation. DIGITAL MediaPRO offers a great platform to experience key media and digital challenges and learn the specific language.

Company: StratX

Approximate price: Unknown

Playtime: 3 hours

Learning objectives: Media strategy Media planning Media objectives Put into practice Consumer targeting & understanding Digital transformation Media selection & spend by region & season The purchase funnel Competitor analysis Return on media investment

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