BOSS (Blue Ocean)

BOSS (Blue Ocean)


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An innovative, fun, and highly effective business strategy game, the Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS) will help your students develop the skills they need to lead a BOSS initiative in their company. In the space of 2-5 days, participants will learn to apply the Blue Ocean Strategy by breaking away from the competition and creating a blue ocean of new market space.

The Blue Ocean Strategy simulation was designed with extensive input from the authors of the bestselling book Blue Ocean Strategy. Your course participants will truly experience the power of Blue Ocean Strategy by applying the theory and using the methodologies and tools described in the book.

Company: StratX

Approximate price: Unknown

Playtime: 2-5 days

Learning objectives: Break away from the competition Create a new market space Seize new growth A new approach to positioning Growing an industry by growing demand Reconstructing market boundaries Desegmenting markets Pursuing both differentiation & low cost Strategic pricing plans

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