Twists of remote work

Twists of remote work


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The simulation helps the team in exploring their practices in remote work. Both personal and team’s common challenges in doing remote work are examined and, at the same time, an open discussion culture is promoted. The variables are compiled from various guides and instructions related to remote work. In the simulation, the experiences of team members on remote work can be discussed openly in a facilitated fashion. What are the hardest parts for different team members? What works well? What hasn’t been talked about? The simulation allows for an open discussion that can be used to develop team operations.

Company: SmoothTeam

Approximate price: 279€/team (1190€ with facilitation)

Playtime: 2 hours+

Learning objectives: Objectives Bring to the discussion both the team’s common and personal practices at remote work In addition to the above practices, raise also more fundamental issues such as trust within the team, enthusiasm and loneliness – and how working remotely affects these. Highlight individual differences in team members ’experiences and attitudes toward remote work. The aim is to make team members understand each other’s situations and appreciate each other’s solutions Enable critical and analytical discussion of team practices and their development.

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