Diversity on the table

Diversity on the table


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The simulation helps the team understand the kinds of diversity that exist in the work community and engage in a constructive discussion of the related phenomena. Different people are the strength of an organization, and diverse teams have been shown to perform better than homogeneous teams. However, diversity often prevents us from recognizing the needs or preferences of others. As the story progresses through concrete situations, many types of work community diversity are dealt with in a facilitated discussion.

Company: SmoothTeam

Approximate price: 279€/team (1190€ with facilitation)

Playtime: 2 hours

Learning objectives: Objectives Recognise and understand different aspects of diversity in the work community Highlight individual approaches to diversity and reduce the risk of misunderstandings Produce neutral discussion openings on diversity Make visible the current practices and roles in the team Practise intervening and broaching, which are considered key issues in dealing with diversity and inclusion Remind supervisors of applicable rules and practices.

Link to simulation home page: https://smoothteam.net/diversity/