Biases in our thinking

Biases in our thinking


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The simulation helps to understand the phenomena related to thinking and interaction. The exercise provides background on everyday phenomena such as stereotyping and “not invented here” type of thinking and helps the team to discuss actions and decision-making. The exercise promotes a culture of open discussion. The variables are based on research on the subject (in particular Kahnemann). The story provides a background for a facilitated discussion of the team members’ experiences in collaboration and decision-making. The story enables open discussion and therefore drawing conclusions for the team’s activities.

Company: SmoothTeam

Approximate price: 279€/team (1190€ with facilitation)

Playtime: 2 hours

Learning objectives: Objectives Familiarise the participants to the cognitive biases of individual and team thinking and to their effects in the work community Emphasise individual differences in our ways of thinking and the strengths and weaknesses of different individuals Enable critical and analytical discussion of team practices and their development

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