Agility in practice

Agility in practice


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Agile action is the goal in many teams, but what does agility consist of? The agility simulation makes concrete the routines and operating models behind everyday work. At the same time, the team gets to reflect on the elements of agility.
An agile approach involves, for example, a quick feedback cycle and exposing one’s own actions to critique. There may be different thresholds for initiating these. The simulation also opens a discussion on unclear issues and helps to address issues related to trust.

Company: SmoothTeam

Approximate price: 279€/team (1190€ with facilitation)

Playtime: 2 hours

Learning objectives: Objectives To create a common understanding of how the team works Adopt agile practices and identify obstacles Have a discussion about the status of the team and the next steps in becoming agile Make existing policies and role divisions visible

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