LiveCase Simulation: Horizon Ventures - Innovation Accelerator

LiveCase Simulation: Horizon Ventures - Innovation Accelerator


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The Horizon Ventures LiveCase simulation offers students a unique experience to launch and grow disruptive projects by simulating the pressure and intensity of a real-life innovation accelerator. Students play the role of venture project team members accepted into the prestigious Horizon Ventures accelerator program. After selecting one of ten available industries or bringing their own idea or challenge to resolve, students must craft customer experience flows, create a differentiated value proposition, develop a sustainable business model, and deliver a memorable pitch to investors. The simulation is structured in seasons, divided into episodes, where students complete a series of tasks pertaining to the learning objectives. The first season focuses on value proposition, minimum viable products, business model design and culminates in a simulated pitch to investors. The Horizon Ventures LiveCase simulation allows Educators to teach innovation and entrepreneurship theory and practice in a highly engaging format. Designed for undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Education programs, it can be taught individually or in teams, in-person, or online. It includes a comprehensive Teaching Note and a variety of supplemental educator resources. Horizon Ventures was authored by INSEAD Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship Antoine Duvauchelle.

Company: LiveCase

Approximate price: $25

Playtime: 3 hours

Learning objectives: 1) How to craft customer experience flows. 2) How to build a differentiated value proposition to delight customers. 3) How to develop a sustainable business model for value creation and capture. 4) How to think and act like an entrepreneur. 5) How to deliver a dynamic, high-impact pitch.

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