Strategy Simulation: DigiStrat, The Digital Services Strategy Simulation

Strategy Simulation: DigiStrat, The Digital Services Strategy Simulation


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DigiStrat is a multiplayer strategy game that places players in the shoes of the chief strategy officer for a digital services provider. Players compete with other teams as they try to grow their company into the most valuable digital service provider in the world. Players will market data packages and other connected services to both individual consumers and businesses, with the goal of maximizing subscriber market share, average revenue per customer, customer satisfaction (measured in terms of net promoter score), service quality, and cash flow. They will make decisions on pricing, network infrastructure investment, service development, backend infrastructure, customer care, and marketing/sales. Players also will participate in a live auction for 5G wireless spectrum that allows them to launch the next generation of 5G wireless services. DigiStrat requires 4 active teams with at least 1 player on each. The game is a highly realistic and sophisticated simulation of the contemporary digital services industry, which is going through a major technology standards migration to 5G wireless technologies. DigiStrat can be used to teach valuable strategy lessons to MBA students or executives in any subscription-based technology business, including telecommunications, streaming video, cloud infrastructure, and software as a service (SaaS).

Company: Kellogg School of Management

Approximate price: $45

Playtime: 12 hours

Learning objectives: 1. Understand dynamics of strategy and competition in platform markets. 2. Learn how to manage subscription-based technology businesses. 3. Understand how to deal with disruption created by technology substitution. 4. Learn the importance of focus and differentiation in competitive strategy.

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