Fligby leadership simulation

Fligby leadership simulation


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FLIGBY is a serious game software with an interactive movie design. It offers the user a choice, about which direction a given segment may proceed. The scenario-based approach used by FLIGBY is a proven method to improve critical thinking skills. The lessons are built around a series of progressively complex workplace assignments or situations. FLIGBY allows you to practice your responses to challenging business conditions whilst keeping you safe from the expensive (and sometimes irreversible) consequences of your decisions.

Company: Fligby

Approximate price: Unknown

Playtime: Unknown

Learning objectives: FLIGBY offers you a powerful and personalized game-based learning experience. With the help of FLIGBY: You will be a more pro-active and at the same time a more thoughtful leader; You will gain practical experience in planning and executing change management processes; You will become more conscious of the hidden aspects and consequences of the business decisions you make; You will learn how to handle situations less structured, as in real life, when the “right” choice is not always clear; Your motivation techniques will improve and you will recognize the drives influencing the behavior/attitude of your colleagues; You will handle the workplace conflicts more effectively; You will be a more successful leader and team participant. The Key Learning Points of FLIGBY are: Understanding the added value and the principles of Flow in a business and corporate environment; Creating a blueprint for Flow in business through the application of an inspiring vision, mission statement and attractive goals which enhances both profits and improves the working environment; Understanding and learning visionary leadership characteristics; Active participation in Flow-based change management processes; Developing a successful management style, using subtle leadership techniques to enhance Flow.

Link to simulation home page: https://www.fligby.com