Marketing Simulation: The Positioning Game

Marketing Simulation: The Positioning Game


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Using perceptual maps, students make decisions about launching new products in the context of impending market competition. Groups of six players compete in the launch of a new or enhanced product by positioning their brand at an ideal place in the market. Decisions are made in real time, and costs are incurred with positioning changes. Launching new products into new or established markets provides the greatest opportunity for a company to think strategically and to reap the benefits of these decisions. This simulation is used in Darden's first-year core marketing course in which student players become more adept at product positioning. It is appropriate in any course covering marketing strategy or bringing new products to market.

Company: Darden School of Business

Approximate price: $50/seat

Playtime: 30 minutes

Learning objectives: Introduce the critical role of market structure and product positioning in marketing strategy Understand perceptual maps and how to use them in market definition Analyze markets and recognize consumer segments, underserved segments, and ideal points for targeting opportunities Critique brand perceptions, similarities, and differences, and recognize perception problems Demonstrate awareness of consumer-driven product development

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