Cesim Firm: General Business Management Simulation

Cesim Firm: General Business Management Simulation


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Cesim Firm increases the participants awareness and capability of operating a company from a general management perspective in a competitive environment. Teams will develop and execute strategies for their simulated company while taking into consideration the customer behavior, cost structures, and currency fluctuations in the different markets. Decisions include promotion, pricing, and quality control across products and consumer segments, production location cost advantages, investment appraisal, capital vs. labor assessment, financing decisions, demand estimations and budgeting. The simulation gives instructors powerful user-level customizability and modularity options that allow it to be adjusted for different target groups and experience levels. In addition, the system permits the instructors to create and modify their own cases with personalized market outlooks and storyline.

Company: Cesim

Approximate price: $40

Playtime: 8 hours

Learning objectives:

Link to simulation home page: https://www.cesim.com/simulations/cesim-firm-business-management-simulation-game