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Engage participants through immersive online multiplayer supply chain simulations to boost individual skills development, teamwork and your organization's continuous improvement.
Companies, universities and consultants alike use our online beer game simulation to meet a wide range of objectives — from reproducing real challenges within supply-chain processes to optimizing an organization’s overall performance.

Students and trainees learn new business and team management skills by participating in a fun and engaging serious game experience.

Company: Zensimu

Approximate price: Free for single player. Under $10/player for groups.

Playtime: 30 minutes

Learning objectives: Awareness: Increase understanding of common challenges and behaviors impacting supply-chain performance and flexibility.
Cooperation: Improve collaboration and information-sharing across actors, resulting in stock reduction, fewer shortages and emergencies, and less stress on client-supplier relationships.
Anticipation: Help all departments identify potential risks and make better-informed decisions.
Improvement: Engage teams around global objectives and instill a continuous-improvement mindset.

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