Sustainability and CSR learning objectives

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    $50M for Change: Social Impact Investing  Conscious Capitalism Hubro Marketing Simulation The Climate Action Simulation: A Climate and Energy Policy Negotiation Game The World Climate Simulation: Negotiating a Climate Change Agreement  Fishbanks: A Renewable Resource Management Simulation Eclipsing the Competition: The Solar PV Industry Simulation CleanStart: Simulating a Clean Energy Startup GLO-BUS
SimCase Marketplace Simulations Hubro MIT Sloan MIT Sloan MIT Sloan MIT Sloan MIT Sloan GLO-BUS
Ethics and CSR Ethical analysis   x x            
Social sustainability Social impact assessment x x             x
Demographic analysis                 
Environmental sustainability  Cap and trade           x      
Policy evaluation and management        x x        
Resource management  x         x x x x
Management themes Pricing    x x x   x x x x
Marketing and branding   x x           x
Compet. analysis           x x x
Production planning   x x       x   x
Risk assessment               x
Finance  x   x         x x
Human resource Management    x           x  
International context       x       x
Negotiations   x   x x x      
Entrepreneurship    x x         x  
Small business           x      
Features Mobile-friendly                  
Multiplayer x x x           x
Competitive   x       x     x